Weight Loss Magic Pills

Hello , how are you? I hope you are well but there is a bit depression in your mind for your over weight or high body fat percentage, right? ok. Here i am going to give you some tips for lose your belly fat or lose your weight fast.

“Weight Loss Magic Pills” How to Lose Weight (Belly fat) Fast with or without exercise

So, why i title this article as Weight loss magic pills?

I named this title for getting attention for a class of people we want to lose weight by watching tv, or sitting on the sofa. Maybe you are not including in those group, because you are spending your time to get informed about lose body fat percentage. So remember “There is no magic pills that can cut body fat or lose body weight”


Weight loss magic pills

How to Lose Weight (Belly fat) Fast without exercise?

Don’t you have time to go to the GYM? Ok, No problem.

First of all you need to know that how our body burn fat. Simple equation is; “TAKE LOWER CALORIES THAN YOU BURN” so, here the term “DIET” come out. There is no alternative of clean dieting for losing weight. Some people think, dieting means stay in an empty stomach. This is absolutely wrong concept. you need to take minimum 6 and maximum 8 meals a day. Just remember “you need to add low-calorie food instead of high calorie food)

You may confuse, that it’s never going to work, because having 6 or 8 meals a day cause weight gain, right? Wrong!! Our body burn calories in 2 ways

  • Physical Movement
  • Food metabolism

Our body burn a significant calories during Food metabolism. It’s something like “if you leave your car start, it will burn fuel” Metabolism is the same process by which your body burn calories. So never stay in empty stomach.

Here are some stuffs you should remember to lose weight fast:
Avoid Sugar & Alcohol: Sugar ans Alcohol are the evil of your weight lose goal. First thing you need to cut off sugar from your diet. Not even a single spoon. You may take zero cal or honey instead of sugar.

Avoid Easy carbohydrate: Remember all carbohydrate are not evil. just avoid carbohydrate from White rice / white bread / White potato and add Whole grain carbohydrate, like Oats, Brown rice, Brown Bread.

Expend at least 30 min on treadmill: Cardio is the best way to burn calories faster. A 30 min cardio may burn 150-200 calories, depends of the intensity. So take 30 minutes for cardio. If possible twice daily to lose weight fast. Once in the morning 9in an empty stomach) and another in the evening.

Avoid junk Food: Most of the food in the fast food shop are junk; high in calories. so avoid them.

Add enough Protein : You meals should be rich in protein. Protein helps to build muscle and lose Fat. If you are not going to gym then 5-8 gram of protein per lbs body weight is good enough, and if you do workout then 1-1.5 gram/lbs. Fish and eggs white are the best source of protein. Salmon, Tuna or tilapia are the rich in protein.

Salmon: Per 100 grams of Salmon contain 20g protein, 208 calories and 13 gram fat.

Tuna: Per 100 Grams of tuna contain 30g protein, 184 calories and 6g fat

Tilapia: 100g of Tilapia contain 36g of protein 129 calories and 2.6g fat.

Add Enough fat: you may surprise to hear about fat, right?. Remember all fats are not evil. Fatty acid are good for health. It also help to burn fat. You should eat fat from:

Fat from Extra virgin olive oil
Fish oil (Salmon fish is the best choice, or Omega 3)
Fat from Nuts(Peanut, Almond, Cashew, avocado etc.)
Salmon Fish


Eat a lot of green veggies: Vegetable are low in calorie and high in minerals. So eat a lot of vegetable, it will keep your metabolism active.

Drink a lot of water: Drink minimum 1 gallon/ 3.8 litter of water Remember water helps to burn fat.

Green Tea: Green tea contain anti-Oxidant which leads to burn fat.

Take Some malty-vitamins and minerals: Vitamin and Minerals help to keep body balance. When body keep balance it lose weight fast.

Besides there are some Weight loss pills or supplements in the market, you may use them to reach your goal. Read my article about Weight loss pills/ Supplements

Tips: Natural Fat Burner

Take a grass of warm water and add 1-tbsp of Lemon juice and 1-tbps honey and drink it in the morning in empty stomach.

Weight Loss diet plan: Do you need a diet plan? Please contact me by email or Facebook for a diet plan. I cannot set a plan here because i need to know some information (Body weight, height, Age, Waist, Wrist and neck size to set proper diet plan)

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